Ever Wonder How the Volvo S60 Compares to Other Top Brands?

If you are in the group that has, we are providing you with everything you could need to see how the Volvo S60 compares to its competition. We believe that it is important to have all of the information before you make a decision, that is the only way that you will be able to truly tell if a vehicle is perfect for you. At Volvo of Marietta in Marietta, GA, we offer expert advice and consultation when it comes to finding the new Volvo model that is right for your lifestyle. With luxury features and impressive performance, the S60 is one of the strongest competitors in its class.

How Does the S60 Power of the S60 compare?

If we are looking at the horsepower, the S60 has a higher base and upgraded availability than the Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series. The S60 comes with between 240 and 362 horsepower while the A4 offers between 190 and 252 horsepower and the 3 Series provides 180 to 252 horsepower, coming nowhere close to the same threshold.

Doesn't that Make it More Expensive?

I am glad you asked! The S60 is actually available at the cheapest MSRP when compared to these two models. If you want to pay more for less, you can choose a competitor, but when you want to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck, the S60 makes the most sense.

But is it Safe?

Volvo has been providing some of the safest vehicles for a long time. They prioritize safety, including features such as City Safety Collision Avoidance Technology, Tire Pressure Monitoring, and Dual Xenon Headlights that work with the Active Bending Light in the S60. The last of those systems gives you up to ninety percent better visibility when it comes to going around corners, making sure you have the best vantage point for what is ahead.

Is there a Drivetrain Difference?

Yes there is, but only a minor one. The S60 comes standard as a Front-wheel drive vehicle with all-wheel drive as an option, which is the same setup as the Audi A4. The BMW 3 Series is standard as a rear-wheel drive, also offering all-wheel drive as an option. This category seems more of a wash than the rest, providing no clear advantages to the customers.

Volvo of Marietta is here to Help with Your Needs

We think it is clear that the S60 is one of the strongest competitors in its class, but if you still have questions, you can visit Volvo of Marietta and ask any of our expert staff members your remaining questions. If the S60 isn't quite your style, we have a variety of new Volvo models for you to look through and choose from. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a vehicle that will meet all the needs of your life. We encourage you to visit us to schedule a test drive for whichever vehicle you are interested in, that's the only way to truly feel what they have to offer.

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