Volvo Cars See Impressive Sales Growth in August

As Volvo Cars roll into September, it leaves August after recording a double-digit increase in sales. According to, “Volvo Cars…is heading for another record year in retail sales after posting a double-digit global sales growth of 15.5 percent in August compared to the same period last year.” This is the result of just under 38,000 cars being sold in August compared to the 32,800 cars sold in August of 2016.

Dividing it across the world, sales in the Americas saw a five-percent increase in August sales, selling 9,486 vehicles. In Europe, Volvo Cars saw an 18.9-percent increase in August sales, selling 15,637 vehicles. The biggest increases were seen in China and the Asian Pacific. China saw a 25.9-percent in August sales, selling 9,616 cars, and the Asian Pacific saw a 20.2-percent increase, selling 12,586 cars.

As for the entire year so far, Volvo Cars has sold 359,798 cars, recording an 8.7-percent increase from the cars sold in the first eight months of 2016. With the way sales are going, it’s looking like Volvo Cars might beat the record 534,332 vehicles sold in 2016.

Now, we aren’t surprised about these numbers, but if you want to understand why so many people are choosing a Volvo, come to our dealership for a test drive today.

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