Volvo Cars to Meet Demand for XC40

It is one thing for a new vehicle to become popular, but it is another for that company to have to increase production of that new car to meet that demand. That is what has happened to Volvo with their new XC40. Demand for this stylish new compact SUV that production has increased to meet that demand.

According to, “Volvo Cars, the premium car maker, has received almost 80,000 orders for the new award-winning XC40 small SUV and is expanding production in Europe and China in order to meet demand.” That production will be expanded at the plants in Ghent and Luqiao. On top of this, Volvo will continue to develop its smaller vehicles to create a new model to replace the V40.

Now, here at Volvo Cars of Marietta, we are not surprised at all by this high demand for our new vehicle. But, if you would like to understand better why so many people want it, and know if you want it for yourself, the best way to do that is by getting behind the wheel and discover its driving experience for yourself. We proudly serve the current and soon-to-be Volvo drivers of Marietta, as well as those drivers across the rest of the Greater Atlanta Metro Area. If you have any questions regarding our current inventory of Volvo XC40 models, please feel free to contact us directly either by email or over the phone for more information.

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