Polestar Software Upgrade- Deliver more Rear-Wheel Torque in All-Wheel Drive Volvos

For those Volvo vehicle owners that have a Volvo featuring all-wheel drive, you'll likely be happy to hear about the Polestar software upgrade! So, what can a software update do for your big mechanical machine? Well, quite a lot! The Polestar software update increases the amount and frequency of torque distributed to the rear wheels, which improves steering. Specifically, the XC40 or other all-wheel drive vehicles will have better control and engagement when cornering, and improved traction when pulling away. All this from a software update! This latest Polestar update is an optimization of five existing areas, including: sharper throttle response, faster off-throttle response, quicker gear changes, optimized gearshift points, and in-corner gear holding, along with increased engine output.

Vehicles Affected by the Polestar All-Wheel Drive optimization

It doesn't matter if you have gas or diesel engine, what matters is if your vehicle has all-wheel drive capabilities. Volvo models that might be affected: Volvo 90 Series, 60 Series, and XC40, XC60, and XC90.

The Volvo Cars of Marietta Team!

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