Certified Pre-Owned Volvo Vehicles Versus Traditional Used Volvo Cars

Are you looking at purchasing a used Volvo vehicle? But you are up against the decision of whether to buy a traditional used Volvo or a certified pre-owned Volvo vehicle. Now, you might be wondering, what does it mean to buy a certified pre-owned vehicle? Certified pre-owned vehicles are just another form of used vehicles except without as much risk as buying a traditionally used car.

Although you could probably go through the hassle of finding a used vehicle that is just as nice as a certified pre-owned vehicle, certified pre-owned vehicles are readily available and pre-inspected. You could find a high-quality used car but that will take time and effort and why go through all that when a certified pre-owned vehicle is already waiting for you.

What is a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

Certified pre-owned vehicles are gently-used vehicles that are sold by new car dealerships. Generally, certified pre-owned vehicles have lower miles and a limited age and are thoroughly inspected and reconditioned if necessary. To be clear, certified pre-owned vehicles are not just any vehicle with a “certified” sticker slapped on the windshield. Instead, they are cars that are part of manufacturer-sponsored programs that should be taken seriously.

Benefits of Owning a Certified Pre-Owned Volvo Vehicle

When you purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle you are receiving more reassurance that the vehicle that you are buying is in good condition right off the bat. You also signing up for a vehicle that has only been gently used with low mileage and a recent model year. Most of the time, certified pre-owned vehicles are recycled lease returns that are only two or three years old with fewer than 36,000 miles racked up.

Typically, certified pre-owned cars come with a limited warranty whereas traditional used cars do not. Volvo is sure to keep its drivers protected with great warranty options such as their five-year, unlimited mile warranty or even their 100,000-mile warranty because they know their vehicles can survive the test.

When you buy a traditional used car, they typically haven’t been pre-inspected whereas with a certified pre-owned vehicle they go under several tests to ensure greatness. Through the Volvo Certified Pre-Owned program, all certified pre-owned vehicles have gone through at least 170 inspection points that hit all the major systems within your vehicle.

Certified pre-owned cars can sometimes even come with special deals and financing options. Many of our certified pre-owned vehicles come with low-interest financing. We know that the cost of a certified pre-owned vehicle is a little more than a traditional used car but with the help of low-interest financing, it effectively lowers the monthly payment making it easier to bite the higher asking price.

Volvo even offers its certified pre-owned customers Volvo Roadside Assistance anytime anywhere for a complimentary three-year service. That can save you time and money down the line and continue to keep your certified pre-owned Volvo car in good working shape.

Visit Us at Volvo Cars of Marietta to Test Drive Any of Our Available Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Still have more questions about certified pre-owned vehicles versus traditional used cars? No worries, it can be a little unclear and we want to ameliorate your confusion. If you contact us at our dealership or make a short pit stop on your way home from work, one of our experts will be able to break it down even further for you. And, once you’re ready they can help get you into a certified pre-owned vehicle to test drive. We look forward to seeing you soon at Volvo Cars of Marietta.

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