The Volvo brand has long been considered one of the most durable and safe vehicles available to Atlanta drivers, and most of that reputation is down to the excellent build quality and advanced engineering that has always gone into these vehicles. These days, it is getting difficult to make massive gains over the competition, but Volvo turbocharged engines bring something truly special to the table that Atlanta drivers are sure to enjoy.

Benefits of Turbocharged Engines

When you turbocharge an engine, you’re forcing more air into the combustion chamber to produce additional power without requiring extra fuel. The result is power and torque that are better than you could typically get with a minimal effect on overall fuel economy.

Why is Turbocharging so Efficient?

To understand how turbocharging creates power so efficiently, you must first understand the relationship between fuel and air that is required to create any power in the first place. Fuel and air need each other to create a flame of any sort. Place fuel in a vacuum and you couldn’t light it no matter how much heat you introduced. In a similar vein, you can’t simply light the air around you on fire with nothing but a match. It is the mixture of fuel and air, along with other factors like pressure and volume, that make the power your engine produces.

In a non-turbocharged engine, outside air is entering the engine at roughly the same pressure as the world around you. That is why your vehicle will lose power as you climb to higher altitudes where the air is thinner and there is less pressure around you, versus lower in the valleys where the air is denser.

Turbocharging compresses air and fires it into your engine at a much higher density than normal, giving your engine more to burn and creating a more powerful combustion event inside each cylinder. As such, both overall power and torque are improved without any extra fuel needing to be pumped into the engine.

How Turbochargers Work

As your engine runs, it churns out exhaust that would typically just leave through the tailpipe. However, in a turbocharged engine, those exhaust gases will spin a turbine before they make their exit. This turbine is attached to the air intake and sucks in air at a higher rate that pressurizes the air in the intake system. This high pressure air is then sent into the combustion chamber where it combines with fuel and creates the explosion that keeps your engine turning. This higher energy explosion isn’t just larger, but it is also faster, which is why both power and torque figures improve simultaneously. In fact, most turbocharged engines have torque figures that match or exceed horsepower, which is typically translated into improved acceleration under load.

Which Volvo Vehicles Use Turbocharging?

Each vehicle in the Volvo lineup is turbocharged, as the T5, T6, and T8 engines all feature a turbocharger. The T6 actually adds a supercharger to the mix to offer two types of forced air induction, while the T8 adds an electric motor to the T6 dual-charged system. But rest assured, no matter which Volvo model you buy, turbocharging is a standard feature.

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