New Volvo Cars Available For Lease Near Atlanta

So, you are looking for a new luxury vehicle. You know you want a new Volvo, but you are still not sure if you want to commit to financing. If this sounds like you, then perhaps you should consider leasing. Here at Volvo Cars of Marietta, we maintain a well-stocked inventory of quality new Volvo cars and SUVs available for lease, and if that is the route you are considering then you should know of the potential benefits to leasing over financing.

Benefits of Leasing a New Volvo

When you lease a new Volvo car or SUV you drive it for only a few years with a limited mileage allowance. For that time, your payments are lower than they would be if you chose to finance your new Volvo, and your Volvo will remain under warranty saving you money at the Service Center as well. After the lease is up, you have the options to buy that Volvo for a lower price, re-lease it, or turn it in and choose another Volvo.

Find Your New Volvo at Our Marietta Dealership Today

But before you can know if you'd rather lease or finance your next Volvo, you have to know which model is best for you and the only way to do that is by getting behind the wheel and discovering the Volvo driving experience for yourself. So, visit our dealership for a test drive today. We proudly serve the current and soon-to-be Volvo drivers of Marietta as well as those drivers of the rest of the Greater Atlanta Metro Area. If you have any questions and regarding our current list of Volvo Leasing Options, please feel free to contact us directly either by email or over the phone for more information.