Recharged for the Future

Volvo prides itself on engineering some of the safest vehicles on the market.  Today, we extend that protection to the beautiful world in which we live in.  Dedicated to helping preserve the future of our planet is our goal, and it all starts with Volvo Recharge.

For Your Children's Children

From our esteemed lineup of luxury vehicles and supply chain to our various Volvo factories around the country, we're recharging everything from the ground up.  To make the world a better place, we're striving to reduce our carbon footprint by 40% per car by 2025 and hoping to be climate neutral by 2040.  That's a promise for the future of your family and your children's children.

Introducing Volvo Recharge

Here at Volvo, we're excited to introduce an invigorating lineup of sustainable luxury electric and plug-in hybrid cars known as Volvo Recharge.  Refined to help elevate and propel your driving experience to new levels of sustainability, Volvo Recharge is not just ideal for your family but also the future of humanity.

Moving forward, our lineup of Volvo vehicles will all be electrified.  One of the only traditional auto manufacturers to offer plug-in hybrid options for every model, Volvo plans to unveil five fully-electric vehicles in the next five years that drivers can start using to reduce their carbon footprint.  By 2025, we aspire to have half of all the cars that we sell to be fully electric.

Inside Look at the XC40 Recharge

Innovatively designed to help preserve and protect the planet, the first pure electric Volvo SUV, the XC40 Recharge, is poised to welcome in a new era of sophisticated driving.  Equipped to keep you comfortable and help our planet breathe, the XC40 Recharge is redefining what it means to ride in style.

All Hands On Deck

Elecrtification is a massive step in the right direction, but much more is needed to help change the world and affect the well-being of the future of your family.  Protecting the future of our planet is a collaborative effort, one that's bigger than any electric vehicle.  To help reach our goals and to obtain climate neutralization by 2040, we must retrace our steps, recharge our mindsets, and rekindle our relationship with the natural world.

Operational Recharge

Compared to 2018, we're hoping to reduce our total operational carbon emissions by 25% per car by 2025.  Encompassing everything that Volvo does as a luxury automotive brand, our mission to recharge operations is one that never stops.  From business travel and retail to manufacturing and becoming completely climate neutral, we're already seeing sustainable progress with nearly 80% of our global plants running off renewable electricity.

Recharged Supply Chain

Our supply chain carbon emissions need to be managed properly, and we hope that by 2025 we can reduce emissions by 25% per car by 2025 compared to 2018.  From the manufacturing of components to the extraction of high-strength metals from the earth, we're coming up with innovative ways to preserve our environment while still gathering the materials needed to build our world-renowned vehicles.  By helping our suppliers reduce their carbon footprint and encouraging them to use more sustainable and eco-friendly products, we're tackling the issue at the source to ensure that, as a company, we're reducing waste and recycling old parts in a way that's beneficial the planet as a whole.

Electrified Driving Reinvented

The reality is that even plug-in hybrid vehicles create carbon emissions because they use gasoline.  Looking ahead and determining what it's going to take to make an impressionable difference in our driving community at large, the experts at Volvo are coming up with ways to reward drivers who travel using pure electric mode.